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Love chatting with Emily Liebert about everything including books! Here we are talking about her latest novel, Some Women and of course everything else.

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Talk about being on the same page with someone. That someone is Brenda Janowitz! Whether we are chatting about her latest novel The Dinner Party or her Popsugar book picks the fun never ends. The Dinner Party is one of those novels that had me caring about its cast of characters and thinking about this family long after the final cup of wine is poured. Clever, smart and funny - what more can you ask for? Dayenu (look it up)

We have copies to share - go to the Reading With Robin Facebook page and answer the 4 Questions giveaway. US Residents only and winners will be announced on the Facebook page 4/26. Good luck!


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Debut novelist alert! One of my favorite things to do in my lit-life is to learn about new writers and celebrate books that I love. A winning combo is a debut novelist with a fabulous book and that's what I am sharing with you right  now. Visit Lynda Cohen Loigman's site to learn more. This book is SO good!

*The Two-Family House is the RWR Book Club pick for 4/21. Join us on the Facebook page at 8pm Eastern to chat with Lynda and book club members. It's a lot of fun - bring your own wine!

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Can happiness be catastrophic? Tune in to find out. Loved catching up with author Catherine Newman.

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I had the best time with this interview. Gina Barreca is my kind of Loud,Smart Woman!

Do not miss this book and while you're at it, get a few for your friends. Books make the best gifts and Gina will even send out signed book plates. Special!

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